“Balls: because every great idea starts with two.”

“I’ve never met a ball I didn’t like… except for those rubbery ones that always hit me in the face.”

“Life throws you curveballs, but it’s up to you to hit them out of the park.”

“Balls: the reason why most men can’t multitask.”

“Why did the soccer ball bring a pen to the game? In case it needed to draw a foul.”

“Balls: the roundest things on Earth, unless you count the Earth itself.”

“I couldn’t decide between a ball or an egg for breakfast, so I just scrambled them together!”

“Why do golfers bring an extra pair of pants? In case they get a hole-in-one. *wink*”

“Balls: the reason why dogs are always ready to fetch.”

“I tried juggling balls once, but it was a real testi[g] to my coordination.”

“Balls: the one thing you can rely on to always bounce back.” LEAVE ALL YOUR WORRIES TO GOD QUOTES

“What did the football say to the uncoordinated kicker? I’m just here for your amusement!”

“Why did the tennis ball go to school? To get its racket together!”

“Balls: the ultimate comeback tool for any awkward situation.”

“What do you call a basketball player’s pet dog? A dribble!”

“Remember, it’s not the size of the ball that counts, but how you play the game.”

“Balls: the unsung heroes of every sport, unless they’re deflated.”

“What’s the difference between a snowball and a baseball? You can throw a snowball for strikes!”

“Why don’t basketballs have any siblings? Because they always bounce!”

“Balls: the original stress relievers, just don’t squeeze them too hard!”

“What did one volleyball say to the other? ‘I’m totally spiked to see you!'”