“I’m so bored, I could organize my sock drawer… and I hate organizing my sock drawer.”

“Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time… until you think back and realize that it was.”

“I tried to be more productive, but then I remembered how much I hate being productive.”

“Boredom: the feeling that you have something to do, but you just can’t remember what it is.”

“Boredom is just the calm before the procrastination storm.”

“Boredom is the reason why I have so many ‘fun’ ideas that never actually happen.”

“I’m so bored, I’m considering becoming a professional napper.”

“Boredom is the ultimate enemy of creativity. Unless you’re trying to come up with new ways to entertain yourself while being bored.”

“Being bored is like being on a deserted island with only one tree and realizing it’s a Pineapple Tree and you hate pineapple.”

“Boredom is when you check your fridge every 5 minutes, even though you know there’s nothing new in there.”

“Boredom is the feeling you get when your Netflix recommendations all become shows you’ve already binge-watched.”

“Boredom is when you have a bunch of new hobbies you want to try, but you’re too bored to start any.”

“Boredom is nature’s way of reminding you that you have a life outside of social media.” DEATH ANNIVERSARY QUOTES FOR FATHER MALAYALAM

“Boredom: the only time when you can build a ten-story Lego tower and still feel unaccomplished.”

“I’m so bored, I’ve started giving my pets daily performance reviews.”

“Boredom is having an entire conversation with yourself and still not being entertained.”

“Boredom is the reason why people end up doing weird YouTube challenges.”

“Boredom is the moment when you realize you’ve scrolled to the end of the internet.”

“Boredom: the feeling you get when you have an infinite number of choices, but none of them seem interesting.”

“Boredom is just an opportunity to expand your imagination… or take a really long nap.”

“Boredom is the mind’s way of telling you that you need to find new ways to drive yourself crazy.”

“Being bored is like having a talent for being unproductive.”

“Boredom is when you start wishing for productive things to happen, like a dishwasher that loads itself.”

“Boredom is the reason why people start rearranging their entire house at 2 am.”

“I’m so bored, I’ve started reading shampoo bottles and trying to guess the country of origin.”