“College friends are the ones who will help you cram for an exam at 3 a.m. because they’ve also been procrastinating.”

“Friends in college: the ones who will join you in your crazy ideas, no matter how ridiculous they may be.”

“College friends are the reason your fridge is always empty but your heart is always full.”

“If you want to know who your true friends are, try cooking dinner together in a tiny college dorm kitchen.”

“College friends are like stars, you may not always see them, but you know they’re always there, partying without you.”

“In college, there are no such things as secrets between friends – only ‘how did you find out that embarrassing fact about me?’ moments.”

“Friends who take naps together in college, stay together – because sleep is a treasure.”

“College friends: the people who will take terrible pictures of you but still post them online because they love you.”

“College friends are the ones who won’t judge you for eating pizza every day but will judge you for wearing the same clothes for a week.”

“In college, you learn the true meaning of ‘I’m here for you’ when a friend brings you snacks during a late-night study session.”

“College friends: the ones who will pretend to understand your all-nighter-induced caffeine-fueled rants about French philosophy.”

“A friend in college is someone who will lend you their textbooks, even if it means they won’t be able to study either.”

“Friends who survive all-nighters with you in college are friends for life – and should be thanked with endless coffee and pastries.”

“College friends will give you a standing ovation for successfully submitting a paper on time, even if it’s not your best work.” CRAZY FUNNY BEST FRIEND QUOTES

“College friends: the people who will listen to your relationship drama while sitting on a park bench, just to make it more movie-like.”

“A true friend in college is someone who will not only help you study but will also provide moral support when you fail miserably.”

“College friends are like pocket money, they might not last forever, but they make your life a whole lot more fun.”

“Friends in college: the ones who won’t judge your questionable fashion choices – because they’re probably wearing something just as bizarre.”

“College friends are the ones who will secretly sign you up for bizarre clubs and activities, just to see if you’ll actually show up.”

“In college, your friends might be the only people who can decipher your handwriting – and that’s a special bond.”

“Friends who help you escape from a boring lecture in college are the real heroes – and accomplices in crime.”

“College friends: the people who will encourage you to take that 9 a.m. class, even though they know you’ll never wake up in time.”

“In college, you’ll meet friends who embrace your weirdness, because they’re just as weird – if not weirder.”

“A true friend in college is someone who will lend you their notes, even if they didn’t attend the lecture either.”

“College friends: the ones who will stay up with you all night, playing video games or watching movies, just to avoid doing homework.”

“In college, friends become family – the dysfunctional, sleep-deprived, caffeine-fueled family you never knew you needed.”

“College friends are the kind of people who will eat cereal for dinner with you because “adulting” is hard.”