“Insomnia: the best excuse for a terrible hair day.” – Unknown

“Insomnia should be classified as a form of early morning telepathy. It’s when your brain decides to have deep conversations with itself, but forgets to invite the rest of the body.” – Unknown

“Insomnia is my greatest superpower. I can stay awake all night, fighting crime… or scrolling through cat videos.” – Unknown

“I’m not a morning person, or a night owl. I’m a permanently exhausted pigeon thanks to my dear friend, insomnia.” – Unknown

“Insomnia: the only time when your Bedtime playlist becomes a Time-to-Think playlist.” – Unknown

“Insomnia: the art of trying to sleep while simultaneously calculating the exact amount of sleep you will lose if you fall asleep right now.” – Unknown

“Insomnia is like a bad game of hide-and-seek. You close your eyes, and sleep goes, ‘I see you!'” – Unknown

“Insomnia: when your mind is so full of thoughts, it’s like a carnival ride, but there’s no cotton candy at the end.” – Unknown

“Insomnia: the only thing that allows you to sleep with your eyes wide open.” – Unknown

“Insomnia is my body’s way of telling me that my thoughts just couldn’t wait until tomorrow, no matter how much my body needs sleep.” – Unknown

“I used to count sheep to fall asleep. Nowadays, I count my problems, and my insomnia can’t solve a single one!” – Unknown I M SORRY QUOTES FOR HUSBAND

“Insomnia can turn anyone into a philosopher. At night, a toothbrush holder can become an existential crisis.” – Unknown

“Insomnia is my arch-nemesis, but it seems to always win our midnight battles. I guess I’m a superhero without a sidekick called ‘Sleep’.” – Unknown

“Insomnia gives me the power to calculate exactly how much sleep I missed during those ‘just five more minutes’ sessions.” – Unknown

“Insomnia: when your mind decides it’s the perfect time to remember all the embarrassing moments from your past.” – Unknown

“Insomnia is like a nocturnal scavenger hunt, where the prize is elusive and it’s called sleep.” – Unknown

“Insomnia: the ultimate test of how long a person can survive on caffeine, sheer willpower, and the delusion that a power nap will solve everything.” – Unknown

“Insomnia is like a cursed disco party. You’re invited, your eyes are closed, but the music never stops playing.” – Unknown

“Insomnia is nature’s way of telling you to stay awake and watch really bad infomercials.” – Unknown

“Insomnia is the reason why I know so many useless facts. I’ve done more midnight Wikipedia research than anyone I know.” – Unknown

“Insomnia is my body’s perpetual revolt against the tyranny of a well-rested mind.” – Unknown