“Lending money to a friend is like giving them a loaded gun, just hoping they won’t shoot you with it.”

“You know you’re in deep friendship territory when you can joke about lending money and actually mean it.”

“If you want to test a friendship, just lend your friend some money and see how many excuses they come up with to avoid paying you back!”

“Lending money to friends is ironic – you lend them your hard-earned cash, and they suddenly become hard to find!”

“The best way to make sure someone never asks to borrow money from you again is by actually lending it to them.”

“Lending money to friends is like starring in your own version of ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ – except you’re the one paying for the lifeline.”

“If you ever need a solid reason to avoid lending money to friends, just remember that Shakespeare’s quote ‘Neither a borrower nor a lender be’ still holds true today!”

“Lending money to friends is like playing Robin Hood, except you’re the only one robbing from the ‘hood.”

“Lent money to a friend once, and the friendship quickly turned into a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ game.”

“I don’t mind lending money to my friends. It’s the return policy that needs major improvements.”

“Lending money to friends is like giving them a license to ghost you with no guilt.”

“Lending money to my friends has taught me an important life lesson – friends are way better at dividends than paying back loans!”

“If you ever lend money to a friend, don’t be surprised if they suddenly develop amnesia about the loan and its due date.” NEW YEAR BUSINESS QUOTES

“Lending money to friends is like opening a bank that only accepts IOUs as deposits.”

“Lending money? Sure, but first, let me check if I’ve won the lottery, because that’s the only way I’ll ever see that cash again.”

“Lending money to friends is like trying to teach a fish how to ride a bicycle – it never ends well for anyone involved.”

“You lend money to a friend, and they change their name to ‘Not Me’ and disappear into thin air!”

“If you ever find yourself lending money to a friend, just remember, you’re not a bank, and they’re not a customer – they’re family!”

“Lending money to friends is like a magic trick – it magically turns friends into financial magicians who make your money disappear!”

“Lending money to friends is like ordering food for my tastebuds, but my taste buds never actually get to eat it!”

“Lending money to friends is like playing Monopoly – you hope they land on ‘Go’ to collect the debt, but they always seem to land on ‘Free Parking’ instead.”

“If you lend money to a friend, treat it as an investment in their character development – you’ll learn who your real friends are and how good they are at avoiding you!”

“Lending money to friends is the best way to learn the art of patience, perseverance, and how to avoid lending money to friends in the future.”

“Lending money to friends is like a rollercoaster ride, except the only thrill you get is the adrenaline rush of chasing them down for repayment!”