“Losing a friend is like losing a part of yourself, but then you realize you hated that part anyway.”

“Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate.”

“Losing a friend is sad, but it’s even sadder when you find out they unfriended you on social media.”

“I’m saving so much money now that I don’t have to buy birthday presents for a friend I no longer have.”

“Losing a friend is like losing a remote control, you never find them when you need them the most.”

“Life is short, friendships are shorter.”

“I guess our friendship had an expiration date, and now I’m stuck with moldy milk.”

“You know you’ve lost a friend when you hear their favorite song and don’t even feel like shushing it anymore.”

“Losing a friend is like losing that one sock in the dryer, you have no idea where it went.”

“I’m pretty sure losing a friend is one of life’s twisted ways of saying, ‘You thought you were good at relationships? Think again.'”

“Friends are like trees, they fall down when you hit them hard enough with a baseball bat.”

“Losing a friend taught me more about life than any self-help book ever could.”

“I’ve lost so many friends over the years that I’m considering starting a support group for people whose only friends are cats.”

“Losing a friend is just nature’s way of telling you that you won the ‘Who Can Survive the Longest without a Friendship’ marathon.”

“If losing a friend was an Olympic sport, I’d definitely qualify for a gold medal.” CUTE QUOTES LIKING SOMEONE

“I don’t always lose friends, but when I do, it’s the ones who owe me money.”

“If someone tells you that they’re your ‘ride or die’ friend, just make sure they’re not the driver.”

“Losing a friend is like deleting the only app you’ve been using for years and realizing you don’t need it anymore.”

“If you can make it through life without any friends, you’ve either mastered the art of being a hermit or you just smell bad.”

“Losing a friend feels like losing a tooth, it’s painful at first but eventually, you get used to the empty space.”

“Friends are like stamps, they keep sticking to your life until someone throws them away.”

“Losing a friend may be sad, but it sure clears up your schedule for more Netflix and pizza nights.”

“If losing a friend meant losing brain cells, I’d be the smartest person on the planet.”

“I never lose friends, I just turn them into ex-friends with benefits.”

“Friendships are like flowers, you water them, they grow. But if you forget to water them, they wither away like my social life.”

“Losing a friend is like losing a remote control: one minute they’re there, the next they magically disappear into the black hole of non-existence.”

“Friends are like parachutes, if you don’t bring enough when you jump, you’re gonna have a bad time.”

“Losing a friend is like getting a degree in heartbreak. It may not get you a job, but it sure teaches you a lot about life.”