“Sewing is stitch-ually satisfying!” – Unknown

“Sew much fabric, so little time!” – Unknown

“Sewing. Because therapy is expensive.” – Unknown

“Don’t make me unravel!” – Unknown

“Sewing fills my threads with joy!” – Unknown

“I may seamstress, but I’m also seamaster of disaster!” – Unknown

“Sewing is my reel talent!” – Unknown

“I’m sew good at sewing, I can thread the needle blindfolded!” – Unknown

“Sewing: the only time being in stitches is a positive thing!” – Unknown

“Sew much fabric, sew little time… and so many bobbins lost!” – Unknown

“I’m sew happy, I could dance the zigzag stitch!” – Unknown

“Sew like a boss, win at thread!” – Unknown

“Sewing is my superpower. What’s yours?” – Unknown

“I don’t trust fabric, it’s always cutting corners!” – Unknown

“Sewing is my happy place, where all my threads come together!” – Unknown

“Sewing: turning thread into wearable art and pricking our fingers in the process!” – Unknown CHRISTMAS QUOTES FOR LOVED ONES

“Measure twice, cut once… or just sew it all and hope for the best!” – Unknown

“Sew-cial distancing: when you need enough space to lay out your fabric!” – Unknown

“A stitch in time saves fabric!” – Unknown

“The fabric whisperer. I hear patterns calling!” – Unknown

“Sew on, sew forth, sew amazing!” – Unknown

“Sewing: the art of creating wearable masterpieces… or disasterpieces!” – Unknown

“Sewing is like a slumber party for fabric!” – Unknown

“I’m sew obsessed, I have a fabric addiction!” – Unknown

“Sewing is sew-sew satisfying!” – Unknown

“Sewing: turning thread into dreams!” – Unknown

“When life throws you scraps, make a quilt!” – Unknown

“My sewing machine is my therapist, it stitches me back together!” – Unknown

“Sew much fabric, sew little time… but let’s take a break for some coffee!” – Unknown

“Sewing is my numbo-jumbo therapy!” – Unknown