“My girlfriend said she wanted a big diamond ring, so I got her a DVD box set of The Lord of the Rings. Close enough!”

“I asked my girlfriend what she wanted for her birthday. She said, ‘To be surprised.’ So, I showed up at her house with a puppy. She meant surprised in a good way, right?”

“My girlfriend is like a math test. She gives me headaches and makes me feel confused, but I still can’t help but love her.”

“Being in a relationship is like having a full-time job, and my girlfriend is the boss with a whip. I thought I applied for a part-time gig!”

“I love my girlfriend, but she spends more time scrolling through social media than communicating with me. I guess I’m dating Wi-Fi.”

“My girlfriend is obsessed with taking selfies. I told her, ‘If I wanted to see your face, I could just look in the mirror.’ That didn’t go down too well!”

“My girlfriend always tells me I need to be more spontaneous. So yesterday, I showed up at her doorstep wearing a tuxedo and riding a unicycle. She just laughed and closed the door.”

“My girlfriend asked me to make her feel special, so I bought her a treadmill. She says I don’t understand her sense of humor.”

“If my girlfriend ever catches me staring at other women, I just tell her, ‘I was admiring their fashion sense. You should take notes!'”

“I introduced my girlfriend to my family, and they instantly fell in love with her – especially my wallet. Oh well, at least someone did!”

“My girlfriend said she needs more space. So, I locked her outside the house. She didn’t find it as funny as I did.” TUPAC BETTER DAYS QUOTES

“People say love is blind, but in our relationship, it seems to have lost its sense of smell too!”

“My girlfriend always complains that I never take her on spontaneous romantic dates. So, last night, I took her to the trash can. She threw it right back at me!”

“My girlfriend has a great sense of humor. She just doesn’t know it yet!”

“Dating my girlfriend is like being in a constant game of Hide and Seek. She’s always hiding my belongings, and I’m constantly seeking them!”

“I asked my girlfriend where she sees us in five years. She said, ‘In separate countries.’ I think she misunderstood the question.”

“My girlfriend always says I never listen to her, or something like that.”

“My girlfriend told me she wants to try something new in the bedroom, so I put down a new rug. She did not appreciate my interpretation.”

“I love my girlfriend so much that I’d let her finish my fries even if I wasn’t done pretending to eat them.”

“My girlfriend is the perfect combination of cute and psycho. It’s like dating a Care Bear with a chainsaw!”

“Whenever someone asks why I love my girlfriend, I just respond with, ‘Have you seen her cat?'”