“Don’t worry, I promise not to tell your new boss about that time you fell asleep at your desk.”

“Good luck finding a job that pays you to watch cat videos all day!”

“Remember, the first rule of quitting your job is to always leave with your stapler.”

“Leaving this job is like breaking up with someone you’ve been pretending to like for years.”

“The best thing about leaving this job? No more mandatory team-building exercises!”

“Leaving your job means you’ll finally have time to take that afternoon nap you’ve been dreaming of.”

“Who needs a job when you can just become a professional napper?”

“Now that you’ve left this job, you can finally change your LinkedIn profile picture from the company logo.”

“You know it’s time to quit when your imaginary retirement party sounds better than your actual job.”

“Don’t forget to sneak some company swag on your last day – you earned it!”

“Congratulations on leaving a job you probably never fully understood in the first place.”

“Remember, quitting your job is like removing a band-aid – quick, painful, but ultimately liberating!”

“Leaving a job means no more pretending to laugh at your boss’ terrible jokes.” DAUGHTER LOVE QUOTES FROM FATHER

“Who needs a 401(k) when you have mad frisbee skills for casual Fridays?”

“The great thing about quitting your job is that you won’t have to participate in any more awkward office karaoke sessions.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll still invite you to happy hours – but now you’ll actually enjoy them!”

“Congrats on quitting your job – now you can put ‘professional daydreamer’ on your resume.”

“Leaving this job is the closest thing to winning the lottery that most of us will ever experience.”

“Now that you’re leaving, we’ll have to find a new person to blame for all the office snacks disappearing.”

“Remember, quitting your job isn’t burning bridges – it’s just strategically placing explosives for maximum effect.”

“Leaving this job is like finally divorcing that annoying spouse you never really liked.”

“The best part about leaving a job is suddenly realizing how much you don’t need that annual ‘team-building’ retreat to build camaraderie.”

“No more soul-crushing meetings or pretending to be busy – congrats on your escape!”

“Quitting your job is like waking up from a bad dream into an even scarier world of job hunting.”

“Leaving this job means you’re one step closer to becoming the full-time professional sleeper you were always meant to be.”