“Working from home: because pants are overrated.”

“I pretend to work from home. They pretend to pay me.”

“I work from home because I don’t have an office, a boss, or work to do.”

“Work from home they said, it’ll be fun they said. I’m still waiting for the fun part.”

“Working from home is great, except for the moments when you forget you’re in a meeting and your microphone is not on mute.”

“I love working from home because my boss can’t see me rolling my eyes.”

“The best part of working from home is having your cat as your co-worker. The worst part is when your cat knocks over your coffee.”

“Working from home means glancing at your laptop every 15 minutes while binge-watching your favorite series.”

“Home office rule #1: Never wear a tie or any pants that require a belt.”

“The great thing about working from home is that you can eat all the snacks you want without your colleagues judging you.”

“Working remotely has its perks, like being able to sleep in and still complain about the early morning commute from your bed to the desk.”

“Working from home has made me realize how much I value my co-workers’ conversations about my lunch choices.”

“Remember, when working from home, it’s important to stay focused and not get distracted by Netflix, your couch, your fridge, your pet… Oh, who am I kidding?”

“Working from home is like taking a snack break and occasionally doing some work in-between.” SHORT QUOTES IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES

“I don’t always work from home, but when I do, I make sure to take frequent breaks for naps.”

“Dress code for working from home: Business on top, party on bottom – because Zoom meetings only see the top half.”

“Working from home is like being a superhero: you work in your pajamas, save on commuting time, and fight off the evil distractions.”

“Productivity tip for working from home: Turn off the laundry machine before you start working, or you’ll be folding clothes the entire day.”

“I love working from home because I get to talk to my plants and pretend they’re my co-workers.”

“Working from home: where pants are optional, but caffeine is mandatory.”

“At the office, I used to pretend to work hard. Now I just pretend to work from home.”

“Working from home means never having to wear a tie, unless it’s a clip-on one for Zoom meetings. Safety first!”

“The secret to working from home? Embrace the chaos, mute your kids during conference calls, and pray your Wi-Fi doesn’t betray you.”

“Working from home: a magical place where the coffee is unlimited, commute time is zero, and pants are extinct.”

“Working from home is great until your family starts asking you why you’re always home but never around.”

“My office at home has a great view: my cozy bed, my favorite snacks, and a laptop that distracts me with all the temptations of the internet.”