“I walk because punching people is frowned upon.”

“Walking is just a series of controlled falls.”

“I walk because zooming in a hovercar is too mainstream.”

“Walking is the perfect defense against going into areas where cars can’t fit.”

“Walking: the best way to discover random chewing gum and loose change.”

“Walking: giving rise to awkward sidewalk dance moves since forever.”

“Walking is like a mobile scavenger hunt for discarded fast food wrappers.”

“Walking: the original human-powered transportation app.”

“I love walking because it’s the perfect excuse to wear ridiculously comfy shoes.”

“Walking gives me a chance to practice my ninja sneaking skills.”

“Walking – the only exercise where you can look like you’re fleeing a crime scene without anyone batting an eye.”

“Walking is nature’s way of telling you to slow down and catch every green light.”

“Walking: making people think you’re important enough to have a personal escort.”

“Walking is my cardio, and by cardio, I mean ‘cardio-tacos’.” GRATEFUL HEART QUOTES BIBLE

“I walk because running is reserved only for life-threatening situations.”

“Walking is a great reminder that my natural instinct is to nap on the couch.”

“Walking is a polite way of saying, ‘I could sprint, but I won’t.'”

“Walking: the perfect way to pretend you’re in a music video with an epic background soundtrack.”

“Walking is the closest thing we have to a human-powered teleportation device.”

“Walking: the art of going somewhere without really knowing where you’re going.”

“Walking is my method for thoroughly exploring the area within a 10-block radius of my house.”

“Walking is a sport for those who enjoy getting lost and stumbling upon unexpected adventures.”

“Walking: the world’s slowest form of transportation.”

“I walk because I’m on a mission to find the last piece of a perfectly-shaped cloud puzzle.”

“Walking is my way of challenging the GPS lady who thinks she knows better routes than me.”

“Walking: the ultimate excuse to carry an excessive amount of mismatched shopping bags.”