“Goodnight! May your dreams be as sweet as a donut and filled with sprinkles of joy.”

“Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite! And if they do, well, just hit them with a shoe.”

“Wishing you a good night and a warm blanket that cocoons you like a burrito.”

“Time to hit the sack and navigate the dreamland. Hope you don’t get lost on your way!”

“Remember, the night is for dreaming and the day is for making those dreams come true. So, dream big and sleep tight!”

“Sending virtual sheep to count tonight, but don’t worry, they won’t interrupt your sleep.”

“As you lay down to rest, may all your worries go on vacation and you wake up with a suitcase filled with happiness.”

“Goodnight! Sleep well and let the bedbugs wonder why you’re not afraid of them.”

“Dreams are like stars, they shine brightest when the night is darkest. So, close your eyes and let your dreams illuminate the sky.”

“Remember to thank your brain for entertaining you with bizarre dreams, it’s doing its best!”

“Sending you a virtual lullaby, may it comfort you and help you drift off into dreamland.”

“No matter how tough your day was, there’s always a chance for a good night’s sleep. Embrace it!”

“Sleep like a baby and wake up as a superhero. It’s a standard night routine, trust me.”

“As the night falls, may your worries tumble down and dreams lift you high above the clouds.” QUOTES ABOUT HOMIES FOR LIFE

“Rest easy knowing that tomorrow is a new day to tackle those unanswered emails.”

“Wishing you a deep sleep that is resistant to alarm clocks and early morning responsibilities.”

“Sweet dreams are made of cheese and cheddar, who am I to dis-a-brie?”

“Sleep tight! Just remember, counting sheep is just practice for when you become a shepherd in your dreams.”

“Close your eyes and imagine yourself swimming in a pool of chocolate. Sweet dreams are guaranteed!”

“Goodnight! May your dreams be filled with unicorns dancing on rainbows and chocolate rivers.”

“Don’t forget to keep your dreams hydrated. Give them a glass of water before you go to bed.”

“If you wake up with cookie crumbs on your cheeks tomorrow morning, it’s because you had sweet dreams!”

“Go to sleep with a calm heart, knowing that tomorrow there will be coffee waiting for you.”

“Sleep well and remember to set your alarm. Don’t make me come and wake you up with a trumpet!”

“As you fall asleep, may the Sandman bring you pillows made of marshmallows and a blanket woven with happiness.”

“Goodnight! May you experience the kind of sleep that only Disney princesses and superheroes can have.”

“Remember, the night is a magical time when unicorns frolic and dragons take bubble baths. Embrace the magic and have a good night.”