“I’m not short, I’m vertically efficient.”

“Being tall is like having a built-in ladder.”

“The air is just fresher up here.”

“I’m so tall, I could walk through a field of lilies and never be noticed.”

“Short people can never be friends with tall shelves.”

“Why blend in when you were born to stand out?”

“I may be tall, but I’m still down to earth.”

“Tall people are just better at reaching the top shelf in life.”

“Life is too short to be average… but not too tall.”

“I’m not clumsy, it’s just that the ground is too far away.”

“Tall people are the perfect height for reaching the last cookie on the top shelf.”

“My favorite exercise? Bending down to hear what short people are saying.”

“Every cloud has a silver lining, but sometimes it’s hard to see when you’re blocking the sun.” SMALL SELF LOVE QUOTES

“Need a hand? I’ve got two extra.”

“Tall people don’t have more problems, we just see them from a higher perspective.”

“Life is like pants – it’s better when it’s a perfect fit.”

“I may be vertically blessed, but I still have to buy extra long bedsheets.”

“I don’t need high heels, I’m already tall enough to touch the stars.”

“I could be an astronaut – my feet wouldn’t touch the ground!”

“I’m not a giant, I’m just too much for this small world.”

“When it rains, I don’t need an umbrella – I’m already above the clouds.”

“Tall people weren’t built for speed, we were built for efficiency.”

“I don’t need a step ladder – I am the step ladder.”

“I may be tall, but I’ll never look down on someone. Unless they’re shorter than me.”

“I’m not just tall, I’m ‘tall-ented.'”