“I love you just the way you are, but you really need some vitamin D. Get out in the sun!”

“Vitamin D: the only thing you can get for free just by standing outside.”

“My doctor told me I should take vitamin D, but I think I’ll just eat more sunshine.”

“Forget about seeking happiness, just seek the vitamin D!”

“I don’t need sunshine, I need a big gulp of vitamin D!”

“Sometimes all you need is a little vitamin D and a beach chair.”

“If life gives you lemons, go soak up some vitamin D and make a margarita.”

“Vitamin D: the original natural mood enhancer.”

“Want a glowing complexion? Forget expensive face creams, just get your daily dose of vitamin D.”

“I wish my bank account grew as fast as my vitamin D levels after a beach vacation.”

“Step outside and let the sunshine be your multivitamin.”

“Vitamin D deficiency: the perfect excuse for a beach vacation.”

“If sunshine was a vitamin, I would take an overdosage every day.” GOOD LEADER VS BAD LEADER QUOTES

“Sunshine is my daily reminder that there’s always something to smile about.”

“Forget about being a millionaire, I just want enough money to chase the sun all year long.”

“My happy place is anywhere the sun is shining and the vitamin D is plentiful.”

“Vitamin D: the secret ingredient in my happiness recipe.”

“When life gets gloomy, just go outside and soak up some vitamin D.”

“I need more sunshine and less drama in my life.”

“Spending time outdoors is my favorite way to get my daily dose of vitamin D and default on my responsibilities.”

“Vitamin D: the antidepressant Mother Nature created.”

“Who needs shots when you can have sunlight? Vitamin D is the best vaccination against negativity.”

“My therapy consists of vitamin D and long walks on the beach.”

“Vitamin D deficiency is no laughing matter, but a good pun can certainly brighten your day.”

“Don’t worry, be sunny! Get your daily dose of vitamin D and keep smiling.”