“Most Likely to Trip Up the Stairs: Grace Clumsyknees”

“Best Hair Flipper: Sam Shampoo”

“Class Clown and Future Comedian: Noah Joketeller”

“Most Likely to Invent a Time Machine: Emma Back to the Future”

“Biggest Expert in Procrastination: Ethan Last Minute”

“The Human Emoji: Olivia Expressions”

“Most Likely to Win a Doughnut Eating Contest: Max Sweet Tooth”

“The One Who Never Sleeps: Lily All Nighter”

“Most Likely to Become President: Thomas Overachiever”

“The Dancing Dynamo: Sophia Twinkle Toes”

“The Expert in Unplanned Naps: Benjamin Power Napper”

“Most Likely to Start a Food Fight: Ava Messy Eater” QUOTES ABOUT DAUGHTER AND MOTHER LOVE

“The Future Genius Inventor: Jacob Brainiac”

“The Energizer Bunny: Mia Nonstop”

“Most Likely to Win an Eating Contest: Luke Bottomless Pit”

“The Master of Puns: Emily Wordplay”

“Future World Traveler: William Wanderlust”

“The Chief Snack Taster: Charlotte Foodie”

“Most Likely to Become a Pro Gamer: Daniel Game Over”

“The One with All the Random Knowledge: Grace Factoid”

“The Future Superhero: Benjamin Cape Crusader”

“The Queen of Sass: Olivia Witty Banter”