“I joined a Zoom meeting in my pajamas and no one even noticed. It’s like my dream come true!”

“I mute myself on Zoom calls so I can yell at my family without anyone knowing.”

“Zoom etiquette: pants are optional, but mute yourself when you’re eating chips!”

“The mute button on Zoom is my new best friend. No one needs to hear me singing along to Taylor Swift.”

“I’ve become an expert at nodding and looking interested on Zoom calls, even when I have no idea what people are talking about.”

“Zoom has made me an expert at giving virtual high fives. Just don’t ask me to actually touch my screen.”

“I’m starting to think that my pets have better Zoom meeting manners than my coworkers.”

“The hardest part about Zoom workouts is pretending to know what I’m doing while my video is on.”

“I never realized how awkward it is to wave goodbye on Zoom until I accidentally muted myself while doing it.”

“I always have snacks nearby during Zoom meetings, just in case I need to pretend like my internet is freezing.”

“I’ve learned that the key to a successful Zoom call is having a strategically placed bookshelf behind me to look smart.”

“Zoom meetings are like a rollercoaster of emotions: from excitement when someone joins to relief when it finally ends.”

“Thanks to Zoom, my cat now has a better social life than I do.” POSITIVE QUOTES FOR KIDS

“If you hear strange noises on my Zoom call, I promise it’s just my dog trying to play fetch with a squeaky toy.”

“Zoom has made me an expert at multitasking. I can pretend to pay attention while actually online shopping.”

“I can’t wait for the day when ‘You’re on mute’ becomes a compliment.”

“Zoom meetings have taught me that awkward silences can be even more awkward in a virtual setting.”

“Before Zoom, I never realized how often I touch my face. Now I catch myself doing it every two minutes.”

“I’ve become a master at screen-sharing memes during Zoom calls. It’s the little things that keep us entertained.”

“My favorite game on Zoom is ‘Spot the awkward virtual background’. It’s like a virtual scavenger hunt!”

“Zoom meetings have turned my coworkers’ homes into a never-ending episode of HGTV. Who knew so many people were passionate about home decor?”

“If you want to know how professional I am, just watch me struggling to unmute myself on a Zoom call.”

“Zoom has shown me that my colleagues’ pets are way better at keeping a poker face than mine. They never break character!”

“I’m starting to think that Zoom meetings were invented by introverts as a way to avoid real social interaction. Genius!”