“Family over everything.”

“Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family.”

“Friends come and go, but family is forever.”

“In this game, you protect your own.”

“Friends will betray you, but family will always have your back.”

“Stay loyal to your day ones.”

“Your true friends are the ones who ride with you through the rough times.”

“Trust is earned, not given.”

“Family is the foundation of all success.”

“Gangsters have partnerships, not friendships.”

“You don’t choose your family, but you choose your friends wisely.”

“Keep your circle small, but your family tight.”

“Few friends, real friends.”

“Your family will be the ones to count on when nobody else will.”

“The streets show you who your true friends are.” VIRGINIA WOOLF QUOTES ON SELF LOVE

“In this life, you only have two things: family and respect.”

“Watch who you call your friends, some will turn into enemies.”

“Blood may be thicker than water, but loyalty is thicker than blood in this world.”

“You can’t trust anyone outside of your family.”

“A true gangster knows the importance of family and loyalty.”

“Gangsters value loyalty and honor above all else.”

“Friends can turn into foes overnight, but family remains forever.”

“Trust issues are earned through betrayal.”

“Gangsters understand the importance of keeping their family protected.”

“Choose your friends carefully, but love your family unconditionally.”

“In this life, you need a small circle and a strong family.”

“A real friend is someone who would take a bullet for you.”

“You’re either with the family or you’re against us.”

“Gangsters know that family is their ultimate strength, their backbone.”