“I give my heart freely, knowing that love is always a risk worth taking.” – Unknown

“When you give someone your heart, you are giving them the power to hurt you, but also the power to love you unconditionally.” – Unknown

“My heart is yours to keep, cherish it as I cherish you.” – Unknown

“I offer you my heart, hoping that you will hold it gently and treasure it forever.” – Unknown

“Giving you my heart is the purest form of trust and vulnerability, because I believe in us.” – Unknown

“You hold the key to my heart, and I trust you’ll always handle it with care.” – Unknown

“I choose to give you my heart, knowing that you will protect it and love it as your own.” – Unknown

“My heart belongs to you, and it always will, no matter where life takes us.” – Unknown

“The beauty of giving someone your heart is that it doubles in love, with both of you having a piece of it.” – Unknown

“I surrender my heart to you completely, for it finds solace and joy in your presence.” – Unknown

“Giving someone your heart means offering them your purest intentions and deepest emotions.” – Unknown

“In giving you my heart, I trust that you will handle it gently, for it is fragile yet filled with immense love.” – Unknown

“My heart is a gift, wrapped in vulnerability and tied with the ribbon of trust. Take it, for it is yours.” – Unknown MISS YOU QUOTES URDU

“When I give you my heart, it signifies that I trust our love will withstand any storms that come our way.” – Unknown

“I wholeheartedly give you my heart, knowing that with it, you have the power to make me the happiest person alive.” – Unknown

“I cannot promise you perfection, but I can promise to give you my heart, flawed and full of love.” – Unknown

“To give someone your heart means allowing them to see the innermost chambers of your soul, trusting that they will handle it with gentleness.” – Unknown

“My heart is yours to hold, protect, and cherish. With it, you have the power to bring me endless love and happiness.” – Unknown

“When I give you my heart, I remember that love is not a transaction, but a continuous journey of giving and receiving.” – Unknown

“With each beat of my heart, know that it beats for you, carrying a love that is timeless and unconditional.” – Unknown

“I give you my heart, not because you asked for it, but because my heart knows that it can find its truest bliss in you.” – Unknown

“Handing someone your heart is the ultimate act of vulnerability, believing that they will handle it with love, tenderness, and compassion.” – Unknown

“I give you my heart willingly, understanding that true love requires courage, trust, and unwavering commitment.” – Unknown

“When I give my heart to you, I am not losing a part of myself, but gaining a partner to share a lifetime of love and happiness.” – Unknown

“My heart is a precious gift, one that I am honored to share with you. Hold it dearly, for it is filled with all the love I have for you.” – Unknown