“In your darkest moments, remember that I am with you, fighting alongside you.”

“I give my toughest battles to my strongest soldiers.”

“When you feel overwhelmed, know that I am preparing you for something great.”

“Trust in my plan, even when it feels impossible.”

“Your struggles are temporary, but the strength you gain is everlasting.”

“I will not give you anything you cannot handle.”

“Every battle you face is an opportunity for growth and transformation.”

“Find strength in knowing that I am guiding your steps.”

“Sometimes, the toughest battles are given to those who have the power to change the world.”

“The trials you face are tests of your character and faith.”

“Hold on to hope, for victory is just around the corner.”

“When you are weak, I will be your strength.” QUOTES ABOUT GREAT TIME WITH FRIENDS

“I am training you to be a warrior, ready to face any challenge.”

“Through your struggles, you are being shaped into the person I created you to be.”

“You are not alone in your battles, for I am always by your side.”

“Trust that I am working all things for your good, even in the midst of difficulties.”

“Do not be discouraged, for I am with you every step of the way.”

“The battles you face are necessary for your growth and ultimate purpose.”

“Lean on me when you feel weak, and I will provide you with strength beyond measure.”

“Your struggles are opportunities for miracles and breakthroughs.”

“Know that I am fighting for you, even when you cannot see it.”

“Through your battles, you will inspire others to overcome their own trials.”

“Remember that I am the God of miracles, capable of turning your toughest battles into beautiful victories.”