“Bow down before the God-King!”

“I am the divine ruler of all!”

“Witness the power of a god!”

“Kneel or be crushed!”

“I will strike you down with the wrath of a thousand gods!”

“You are nothing compared to my might!”

“Do not defy the God-King!”

“My power knows no bounds!”

“Feel the weight of my divine presence!”

“I am the chosen one, destined to rule!”

“Only the worthy may stand before me!”

“I will bring down the heavens to destroy you!”

“There is no escape from my divine justice!”

“I am the embodiment of absolute power!” FAMOUS QUOTES ABOUT CREATIVE WRITING

“Your insolence will not go unpunished!”

“Beg for mercy, mortals!”

“You dare challenge a god? How foolish.”

“I will show you the true meaning of fear!”

“Bow to the might of the God-King Darius!”

“You are a mere mortal, unworthy of my attention!”

“I will make an example of you for all to see!”

“I will crush your defiance with my godly strength!”

“Your resistance is futile against the God-King!”

“I am the ruler of this world and all others!”

“Prepare to meet your end at the hands of a god!”

“You are but an insect in my grand plan for domination!”