“The end is near, and the gods shall tremble.”

“In the realm of chaos, destiny unfolds.”

“Fear not the coming storm, for it is I who shall wield its fury.”

“Ragnarok beckons, and I shall answer its call.”

“The gods may fall, but I, Kratos, shall rise.”

“A new era dawns, and with it, the birth of legends.”

“The world shall burn, and from its ashes, a new order shall rise.”

“Death is not the end, but a beginning of a greater journey.”

“In darkness, light shall find its way.”

“In the realm of gods, mortals shall become immortals.”

“The end of days is but the beginning of a new age.” FAMILY DECISION QUOTES

“The blood of gods shall flow, and the heavens shall weep.”

“A storm is coming, and only the strong shall survive.”

“In the chaos of war, heroes are forged.”

“The gods may be cruel, but they are not invincible.”

“In battle, destiny chooses its champions.”

“The fate of the world rests in the hands of a warrior.”

“With every swing of my axe, I defy the gods.”

“The path to salvation is paved with blood and sacrifice.”

“In the final battle, only the worthy shall prevail.”