“I alone hold the power of thunder and lightning.”

“I am the ruler of the gods, the king of Olympus.”

“I shall not tolerate any defiance from mortals.”

“The mortals are but mere pawns in our divine game.”

“My power knows no bounds, for I am Zeus!”

“Let my wrath rain down upon those who dare to oppose me.”

“I am the bringer of balance and order to the world.”

“Mortal, your arrogance will be your downfall.”

“Those who challenge the gods shall suffer the consequences.”

“I am the father of all gods and men.”

“Dare to challenge my authority, and you shall know true pain.” HARD WORKING QUOTES FOR HIM

“I watch over the world, ensuring its prosperity.”

“My lightning bolts shall strike fear into the hearts of all who witness them.”

“I have the power to create and destroy with a mere wave of my hand.”

“I am the embodiment of strength and wisdom.”

“Mortal, your destiny lies within my hands.”

“My power is unmatched, for I am the ruler of all divine beings.”

“I am the ultimate judge of righteousness and justice.”

“Bow before me, for I am the true god of war.”

“The gods may play their games, but it is I who hold the ultimate power.”