“Dear God, protect my family and keep them safe from harm.”

“May God surround my family with his love and shield them from any danger.”

“Lord, guard my family’s health and grant them strength in times of need.”

“God, I entrust my family’s wellbeing into your loving hands. Keep them safe always.”

“Heavenly Father, protect my family’s minds and hearts from negativity and guide them towards righteousness.”

“God, please shield my family from any physical or emotional pain and grant them peace.”

“Lord, protect my family’s faith and strengthen their commitment to you.”

“May God’s light shine upon my family, illuminating their path and protecting them from evil.”

“Dear God, I pray for the safety of my family members wherever they may be. Keep them sheltered under your divine protection.”

“Heavenly Father, place your shield of protection around my family during both calm and stormy times.”

“Lord, I pray for your divine protection over my family’s home, keeping it safe from any harm.”

“God, I plea for your guarding presence to watch over my family’s journeys, near or far.”

“In times of uncertainty, God, be a refuge for my family, providing them with a sense of safety and security.” YOU TREAT ME LIKE AN OPTION QUOTES

“Lord, safeguard my family’s relationships, helping them grow stronger and more connected through your love.”

“Dear God, protect my family’s blessings and guide them to use them wisely for your glory.”

“May God’s angels watch over my family day and night, guarding them from any harm.”

“God, keep my family united and help them overcome any challenges they may face together.”

“Lord, I trust in your ability to protect my family’s financial stability and provide for their needs.”

“Heavenly Father, preserve my family’s mental and emotional wellbeing, shielding them from anxiety and worry.”

“God, grant my family wisdom in making decisions, protecting them from making any harmful choices.”

“May God’s presence accompany my family in every step they take, protecting them in all their endeavors.”

“Lord, cover my family with your grace, shielding them from negative influences and guiding them towards righteousness.”

“Dear God, bless my family with good health, protecting them from any illnesses or injuries.”

“God, please protect my family’s future and guide them towards fulfilling their purpose in life.”

“Lord, I surrender my family into your embrace. Protect and guide them always, for you are their ultimate refuge.”