“God sees all and knows all, nothing can be hidden from Him.”

“Do not think that your secrets are unknown to God, for He sees every hidden thought.”

“God will bring to light the darkness in your heart, revealing the truth of who you truly are.”

“God’s light will shine upon your hidden motives, uncovering the intentions behind your actions.”

“God’s truth will expose the lies you’ve been living, revealing the deceptive path you’ve chosen.”

“In the presence of God, masks will fall and true identities will be exposed.”

“God’s justice will reveal the injustice you’ve committed, bringing forth accountability.”

“God will expose the wickedness and corruption that you have tried to conceal.”

“There is no hiding from God’s divine judgment, as He will expose every wrongdoing.”

“God’s revelation will strip away the layers of pretense, revealing your true nature.”

“God’s truth will expose the hypocrisy you’ve hidden behind, unveiling your true character.”

“God’s light will expose the hidden sins that you thought were forgotten.”

“In God’s presence, the facade you’ve built will crumble, leaving only the authentic you.”

“God will expose the secrets kept in the shadows, bringing them into the light of truth.” QUOTES ABOUT TRYING YOUR BEST IN SPORTS

“God’s wisdom will unravel the complexities you’ve weaved, exposing the simplicity of His truth.”

“God’s discernment will expose the false prophets and misleading teachings you’ve encountered.”

“God’s grace will expose the brokenness within, offering healing and restoration.”

“God’s mercy will expose the guilt you carry, replacing it with forgiveness and redemption.”

“God’s love will expose the emptiness you’ve felt, filling you with His unconditional love.”

“God will expose the insecurities you hide, building your confidence in His perfect plan.”

“God’s wisdom will expose the knowledge you lack, guiding you towards understanding.”

“God’s faithfulness will expose the doubts that have held you back, strengthening your trust in Him.”

“God will expose the idols you’ve worshipped, redirecting your focus to Him alone.”

“God’s truth will expose the false narratives you’ve believed, shining light on His eternal truth.”

“God’s presence will expose the loneliness you’ve felt, filling you with His comforting embrace.”

“God will expose the self-righteousness you’ve clung to, humbling you in His presence.”