“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” – Unknown

“Viva Las Vegas!” – Elvis Presley

“In Vegas, everyone’s a winner.” – Unknown

“Las Vegas is the only place I know where money really talks.” – Frank Sinatra

“Life is more fun when you’re gambling.” – Unknown

“You gotta roll the dice if you wanna win big.” – Unknown

“Las Vegas: where the lights are bright and the possibilities are endless.” – Unknown

“Las Vegas is the ultimate escape from reality.” – Unknown

“Las Vegas is a place where you can become anyone you want to be.” – Unknown

“What happens in Vegas starts in Vegas.” – Unknown

“Las Vegas is like Alice’s Wonderland for adults.” – Unknown QUOTES ABOUT GREAT FRIENDS AND MEMORIES

“In Vegas, you can be anyone from a pauper to a prince, all in the span of a single hand.” – Unknown

“Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps, and neither do the dreams of its visitors.” – Unknown

“In Vegas, each night is a new beginning.” – Unknown

“Las Vegas is a place where anything is possible, and everything is a little bit crazier.” – Unknown

“Las Vegas: the city that glitters and never goes to sleep.” – Unknown

“Vegas is the place where the neon lights shine bright and dreams come true.” – Unknown

“Las Vegas is a state of mind, not just a place.” – Unknown

“In Vegas, you don’t have to be lucky, just willing to take chances.” – Unknown

“Las Vegas is the ultimate playground for adults.” – Unknown

“What happens in Vegas, we can only hope to remember.” – Unknown