“Friends are forever, so I’ll see you later, not goodbye!”

“Goodbye is too final, let’s just say ‘until we meet again!'”

“Parting ways doesn’t mean we’re saying goodbye, it means our friendship will grow stronger.”

“Friends never say goodbye, they just take a break until next time.”

“Saying farewell is temporary, our bond will always remain.”

“The beauty of friendship is that it transcends distance, so let’s not say goodbye, but ‘see you soon!'”

“True friends never say goodbye, because they’re always in each other’s hearts.”

“Goodbye is not an option when it comes to cherished friendships.”

“Friends may go their separate ways, but the memories and love will never fade.”

“Goodbye is a word for strangers, but for friends, it’s ‘see you later!'”

“Saying goodbye is not in our friendship manual – only infinity and beyond!” BRUCE LEE QUOTES NEVER REGRET BEING A GOOD PERSON

“Goodbye sounds too formal for our friendship, let’s just say ‘catch you on the flip side!'”

“Even if we have to part ways, our friendship remains etched in our souls.”

“We may not be together, but our connection is unbreakable. So long, not goodbye.”

“Goodbye is not a word we use, we prefer ‘take care on your journey, my friend.'”

“Saying goodbye feels like losing a piece of ourselves, so let’s keep all the memories alive.”

“Goodbye is not an option; our friendship is forever, no matter the distance.”

“Friends don’t say goodbye, they hug tightly and promise to meet again soon.”

“The end of one chapter doesn’t mean the end of our friendship – it’s just a new beginning.”

“Goodbye is just a temporary farewell, our friendship will always find a way back together.”