“Congratulations, you did it! Now it’s time to enter the real world… good luck with that!”

“Graduation: the end of pretending to learn, now you’ll actually have to.”

“Remember, the tassel was definitely worth the hassle!”

“Graduation is bittersweet, you get to throw your cap in the air and then realize it’s time to adult.”

“Three words: Tassel. Was. Worth it.”

“Congratulations on surviving years of caffeine-fueled all-nighters! Time to put those skills to use in the real world.”

“Today is a day to be recognized for your incredible achievement… and to thank Google for getting you through college.”

“Finally, a reason to wear a funny hat and a gown… oh wait, it’s just for graduation.”

“Now is the perfect time to start pretending you have it all figured out.”

“Remember, a diploma is just a fancy way of saying ‘I’m too educated to be unemployed’!”

“Hard work pays off in the future, but procrastination pays off now.” 5TH ANNIVERSARY QUOTES FOR HUSBAND

“Congratulations, graduate! Now the time has come for you to pick a career… or just put it off for another year.”

“Today is the day you realize that your Major in college will not guarantee you a major in life.”

“Now that you’ve graduated, your parents can finally change your room into that home gym they’ve always wanted.”

“Remember, you might be a graduate, but you’re still a student in the school of life.”

“Congratulations on your diploma, a piece of paper that no longer holds any monetary value.”

“Today is the day our parents stop paying for our mistakes, and we start making them on our own.”

“Dear student loans, it’s finally time to meet your maker!”

“Cheers to surviving college! Now let’s hope you can survive adulthood.”

“The world is full of possibilities, so go out there and confuse everyone with your success!”