“Congratulations on surviving another year with each other. It’s like you’re the bears in those nature documentaries – amazing, but a little terrifying.”

“Happy anniversary! You two certainly know how to make other couples feel great about their own relationships.”

“Here’s to another year of pretending to be interested in each other’s hobbies. Cheers!”

“Wishing you a happy anniversary, just to remind you that you’re stuck with each other.”

“Happy anniversary to the two of you, a constant reminder that love is blind – and deaf.”

“Cheers to another year of pretending to laugh at each other’s jokes. Your acting skills are impeccable.”

“Happy anniversary! May your love continue to thrive, just like your ability to annoy each other.”

“Congratulations on keeping the spark alive – for at least a couple more weeks.”

“Happy anniversary! That’s another year of showing off your perfect selfies, while we all know the truth.”

“Here’s to a partnership that can withstand boredom, frustration, and the never-ending battle over the TV remote. Happy anniversary!”

“Congratulations on enduring each other’s quirks for another year. You two are like a modern sitcom – entertaining, but sometimes cringe-worthy.”

“Happy anniversary! May your relationship be as happy and drama-free as a reality TV show.” GOOD QUOTES ABOUT LIFE AND FLOWERS

“Wishing you a happy anniversary, because finding someone who puts up with you is truly a miracle.”

“Congratulations on reaching another milestone together! May your love be as persistent as your annoying habits.”

“Happy anniversary! May you continue to remind us all that no relationship is perfect.”

“Here’s to your anniversary, where you celebrate the day you both agreed to put up with each other’s quirks and oddities.”

“Congratulations on another year of pretending to enjoy each family gathering. You deserve an Oscar for your performance.”

“Happy anniversary! Just a friendly reminder that you two were once single, carefree people, but now you’re stuck with each other.”

“Wishing you a very sarcastic happy anniversary. May your relationship be filled with laughter and snarky comments.”

“Congratulations on reaching another milestone as a couple. If only one of you could remember the actual date without Facebook’s help!”

“Happy anniversary to the couple that keeps each other on their toes, mostly to avoid being bored to tears.”

“Here’s to a love that is so strong, it can perfectly balance sarcasm and affection. Happy anniversary!”