“Happy first anniversary! You survived a whole year without killing each other. That’s a sign of true love!”

“Congratulations on making it through 365 days of marital bliss, or at least marital toleration.”

“Happy anniversary to the couple who still likes each other enough to stay married for a whole year!”

“First anniversary: the day when your spouse realizes they still need to put up with you for a lifetime.”

“Cheers to one year of wedded bliss – or at least surviving each other’s annoying habits!”

“Happy first anniversary! I hope you’ve learned by now that laughter is the key to a successful marriage (and maybe some compromise too).”

“Congratulations on completing your first year of marriage. You’ve officially entered the ‘honeymoon is over’ phase!”

“Wishing you a happy anniversary! May this be the first of many years filled with laughter, love, and trips to the grocery store together.”

“Happy first anniversary! May your marriage be as long and successful as finding the TV remote on the first try.”

“Cheers to surviving 365 days of each other’s bathroom habits!”

“Happy anniversary to the couple who proves that marriage is not just about staying together, it’s about laughing together.”

“Congratulations on celebrating one year of putting up with each other’s weird quirks. Here’s to many more years of toleration!”

“Happy anniversary! May your days be filled with love, laughter, and an understanding that your significant other is always right.”

“Related/unread text messages: 0. Congratulations on one year of not ignoring each other’s messages!”

“Happy first anniversary! If you’ve learned anything in this past year, it’s probably that your spouse is always right. Just nod and smile!” QUOTES ABOUT FRIENDS FROM THE HOOD

“Here’s to the couple who still manage to laugh at each other’s jokes after a whole year of marriage. That’s true love.”

“Happy anniversary! May your love endure all the annoying quirks that come with marriage, like leaving the toilet seat up and never replacing the toilet paper.”

“Congratulations on one year of wedded bliss, which actually means one year of selective hearing.”

“Happy first anniversary! May your love continue to grow stronger despite all the toilet seat arguments.”

“Marriage is like a rollercoaster ride, but without the safety harness. Congratulations on surviving one year without falling off!”

“Happy anniversary! Remember, the key to a lasting marriage is lots of laughter and pretending not to hear your spouse’s annoying habits.”

“Congratulations on one year of ‘I’m sorry, I was wrong.’ The most important phrase in any marriage!”

“Happy first anniversary! May your love continue to flourish, even during those times when you can’t agree on what to watch on Netflix.”

“Cheers to one year of marriage! May all of your arguments be forgotten, and all of your happy memories be remembered.”

“Congratulations on surviving a whole year of each other’s snoring, forgotten anniversaries, and questionable fashion choices!”

“Happy anniversary to the couple who proves that love is not just about fairy tales, it’s about laughing at life’s absurdities together.”

“May your marriage always be filled with laughter, love, and the ability to fix anything broken – including each other’s hearts.”

“Happy first anniversary! Remember, a successful marriage is based on three words: Yes, Dear.”