“Let the bloodbath begin!” – Flippy

“I’m a happy-go-lucky kind of guy…until I snap!” – Splendid

“You can’t resist the urge to explode, now can you?” – Lumpy

“I’m the life of the party…and by party I mean dismemberment!” – Giggles

“Don’t lose your head over it!” – Petunia

“Just another day in the garden of gore.” – Cuddles

“Blood makes the grass grow, kill, kill, kill!” – Handy

“I’m just dying to be your friend!” – Toothy

“Happiness is a heart full of blood.” – Disco Bear

“Every day is a new opportunity for disaster.” – Nutty

“I’m sweet and innocent…until my rage takes over!” – Russell

“Life’s a roller coaster, and I’m strapped in without a seatbelt!” – Mime

“You’ll never see it coming… until it’s too late!” – The Mole

“I’m always up for a good time… especially if it involves dismemberment!” – Flaky

“I’ve got a smile that could kill!” – Pop BE HAPPY EVERYDAY QUOTE

“Laughter is the best medicine…unless it’s followed by death!” – Cub

“I’ll knock your socks off… and your limbs too!” – Splendont

“Sometimes being happy means being slightly psychotic.” – Sniffles

“I’m all bark, no bite, until you push me too far!” – Flippy

“Life is short, so let’s make it shorter!” – Lumpy

“I’m a master of disaster.” – Giggles

“I’m just a happy little psychopath!” – Petunia

“I may be cute, but I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty!” – Cuddles

“No guts, no glory!” – Handy

“I’m filled with joy and homicidal tendencies!” – Toothy

“Sugar and spice… and a lot of red stuff!” – Disco Bear

“Life’s a circus, and I’m the freak show!” – Nutty

“I’m the life of the party…until I accidentally kill everyone.” – Russell