“Valentine’s Day is just a reminder that I’m single, lonely, and unloved.”

“Love is overrated, so is Valentine’s Day.”

“Valentine’s Day: the day when couples rub their happiness in the faces of single people.”

“Valentine’s Day is just a commercialized holiday designed to make people feel bad about being alone.”

“Who needs love when you can have chocolate at half price the day after Valentine’s Day?”

“Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to be reminded of how alone and unwanted I am.”

“Valentine’s Day is a cruel annual reminder that no one wants to be my Valentine.”

“Valentine’s Day is like a dagger to the heart for single people.”

“I hate Valentine’s Day because it highlights my perpetual singledom.”

“Valentine’s Day: the day when lovey-dovey couples are extra annoying.”

“Valentine’s Day is a constant reminder that I’m going to die alone.” FAMOUS HAMLET QUOTES

“Valentine’s Day should be renamed ‘Single Awareness Day’ for people like me.”

“Valentine’s Day is a reminder that love is just a fantasy for some of us.”

“Having a broken heart makes Valentine’s Day unbearable.”

“Valentine’s Day is a holiday for couples to show off their love, while I sit here feeling like a failure.”

“Valentine’s Day is a reminder that I haven’t found my happily ever after.”

“Valentine’s Day: the one day a year where my bitterness towards love intensifies.”

“Valentine’s Day is a cruel joke played on single people.”

“Valentine’s Day: a day dedicated to making single people feel miserable about their relationship status.”

“I don’t believe in love, so Valentine’s Day is just another day to me.”