“Quality over quantity, I’d rather have a few close friends than many superficial ones.”

“Better to have no friends than friends who bring you down.”

“True friends aren’t the ones who are always around, but the ones who are there when you need them the most.”

“Sometimes having less friends means having less drama.”

“There’s beauty in having a small circle of genuine friends.”

“I may have fewer friends, but I have more meaningful connections.”

“It’s not about the quantity of friends, but the quality of friendships.”

“In solitude, I find my truest self.”

“Some bonds are stronger with a select few.”

“Having less friends means more time and energy for self-growth and self-care.”

“True friends don’t mind the distance, they are always there for you regardless.”

“True friends don’t need constant contact, their bond remains strong even with just occasional conversations.” LOVE MY RELATIONSHIP QUOTES

“I may have less friends, but I am surrounded by genuine people.”

“The truest friends are the ones who stick by your side even in your loneliest moments.”

“A small group of loyal friends is worth more than a crowd of fair-weather acquaintances.”

“I may have less friends, but I never feel alone.”

“It’s easier to trust and confide in a select few friends than in a large group.”

“Having less friends gives you the chance to focus on quality connections and build stronger bonds.”

“Less friends mean less drama and more peace of mind.”

“I am grateful for the few loyal friends who have remained by my side through thick and thin.”

“It’s not about being popular, it’s about having meaningful relationships.”

“Having less friends means having more space for personal growth and self-discovery.”