“Some people never change, no matter how much they pretend to.”

“A leopard never changes its spots.”

“Time may pass, but a person’s character remains the same.”

“A person’s true nature is unveiled through their actions, and actions rarely change.”

“A person can change their appearance, but their core essence remains untouched.”

“People show you who they truly are, and they rarely deviate from that.”

“You can’t expect someone to change if they don’t see a need for it themselves.”

“Change requires self-awareness and effort, and some are simply not willing to undertake it.”

“Don’t waste your time waiting for someone to change who has shown no inclination to do so.”

“It’s better to accept people as they are, rather than hoping they will change.”

“Some personalities are deeply ingrained and resistant to any kind of transformation.” FATHER AND DAUGHTER DISTANCE QUOTES

“Be wary of those who promise change but repeat the same patterns over and over again.”

“A person’s past behavior is often a good predictor of their future actions.”

“Expecting someone to change without any compelling reason is a recipe for disappointment.”

“Some people are simply not capable of growing or evolving beyond their current state.”

“Don’t let the hope for change blind you to the reality of someone’s true nature.”

“Change is a choice, and not everyone is willing to make that choice.”

“People can only change if they recognize the need to change and are committed to the process.”

“Don’t hold onto false hope that someone will change if all evidence points to the contrary.”

“In the end, people will change only if they truly want to, and not because of external pressure or influence.”