“Headache, you can go away now. I have no time for your nonsense.” – Unknown

“I refuse to let a simple headache hinder my happiness.” – Unknown

“Headache, I command you to leave my body and never return.” – Unknown

“Dear headache, please leave me alone and find someone else to bother.” – Unknown

“Headache, you are not welcome here. Begone!” – Unknown

“I am stronger than this headache, and I will overcome it.” – Unknown

“Headache, I will not let you ruin my day. I am in control.” – Unknown

“Headache, you may try to bring me down, but I will rise above you.” – Unknown

“Today, I choose to release this headache and embrace clarity and peace.” – Unknown

“Headache, you may be here now, but you are not here to stay. I will find relief soon.” – Unknown

“Headache, I will not let you steal my joy. I will stay positive and focused.” – Unknown

“Headache, you are no match for my determination and strength.” – Unknown BEST QUOTES ABOUT IGNORING SOMEONE

“Dear headache, I am evicting you from my body effective immediately.” – Unknown

“Headache, you cannot control me. I am in charge of my thoughts and emotions.” – Unknown

“Headache, you are a temporary inconvenience. I will overcome you.” – Unknown

“Headache, I refuse to let you define my day. I choose happiness instead.” – Unknown

“Headache, you may be present, but you will not rob me of my peace.” – Unknown

“Dear headache, I am bringing in positive energy to push you away.” – Unknown

“Headache, I will not let you dictate my mood. I am in control of my happiness.” – Unknown

“Headache, you are no match for my inner strength and resilience.” – Unknown

“Today, I release this headache and invite healing and tranquility into my body.” – Unknown

“Headache, I banish you from my life now and forever. I am free.” – Unknown