“Life is fragile, handle with care.”

“The heart never lies, listen to it.”

“Don’t wait for a wake-up call, prioritize your health.”

“Love yourself enough to take care of your heart.”

“A heart attack is a reminder that we are not invincible.”

“Every beat of your heart is a precious gift.”

“Your heart deserves all the love and attention in the world.”

“You have the power to protect your heart, use it wisely.”

“Health is wealth, invest in your heart.”

“Your heart is the compass that guides you through life.”

“Heart attacks remind us to slow down and appreciate the moments that truly matter.” WHO GOD BLESS NO MAN CAN CURSE QUOTES

“Your heart is strong, but it also needs your support.”

“Don’t let your heart attack define you, let it motivate you.”

“Take care of your heart, it’s the only one you have.”

“A heart attack is a wake-up call to make healthier choices.”

“Your heart is the center of your being, nourish it with love and care.”

“Life is too precious to be taken for granted, especially your heart.”

“You are not alone, reach out for support after a heart attack.”

“Your heart is a survivor, honor it by living your best life.”

“A heart attack teaches us the importance of self-care and self-compassion.”

“Your heart is a precious gift, protect it with gratitude and humility.”