“Heavy is the heart that carries the weight of the world.”

“The burden of a heavy heart is a constant companion.”

“Heavy is the heart that holds onto pain.”

“A heavy heart weighs down the soul.”

“In times of sorrow, the heart becomes immeasurably heavy.”

“Heavy is the heart that cannot find peace.”

“A heavy heart hinders the ability to soar.”

“The weight of regret makes the heart heavy.”

“Heavy is the heart burdened with secrets.”

“A heavy heart is full of untold stories.”

“Grief makes the heart heavy, but it also makes it stronger.”

“The weight of love can make a heart heavy, but it is a weight worth carrying.”

“A heavy heart is a sign of a life fully lived.”

“The weight of disappointment rests heavily on the heart.” QUOTES ABOUT DEAD BEST FRIEND

“Heavy is the heart that longs for what it cannot have.”

“A heavy heart can find solace in the presence of a loved one.”

“Heavy is the heart that cannot forgive.”

“Heartbreak makes the heart impossibly heavy.”

“The weight of loss makes the heart unbearably heavy.”

“A heavy heart can find relief in tears.”

“Heavy is the heart that hides its pain behind a smile.”

“The weight of responsibility can make the heart heavy, but it is a weight worth carrying.”

“A heavy heart finds light in unexpected places.”

“Heavy is the heart that yearns for something more.”

“The weight of expectation can make the heart heavy.”

“A heavy heart holds the capacity for immense strength.”