“The eyes are the window to the soul.” – Unknown

“Pay attention to people’s body language, it speaks volumes when words fail.” – Unknown

“Actions speak louder than words.” – Unknown

“Watch how someone treats others, it will reveal their true character.” – Unknown

“A person’s true colors will always show eventually, just be patient and observant.” – Unknown

“Take note of the words someone chooses to use, it reflects their mindset and values.” – Unknown

“Reading a person is about understanding their emotions, motivations, and fears.” – Unknown

“Look for patterns in someone’s behavior, it can give insight into their personality.” – Unknown

“Listen to the tone of someone’s voice, it can reveal their true intentions.” – Unknown

“Trust your intuition, it has a way of sensing when something is off.” – Unknown

“Be aware of someone’s facial expressions, they can tell you more than words ever could.” – Unknown

“How someone treats animals can speak volumes about their character.” – Unknown

“Observe a person’s body language, it will often tell you more than their words.” – Unknown

“Look for inconsistencies in someone’s storytelling, it could indicate they’re being dishonest.” – Unknown

“Watch how someone reacts in stressful situations, it can reveal their true nature.” – Unknown

“Pay attention to a person’s energy, it can give you a sense of their true intentions.” – Unknown LOVE SOMEONE WHO LOVE YOU QUOTES

“Be mindful of someone’s facial microexpressions, they may reveal hidden emotions.” – Unknown

“Note how someone treats strangers, as it can shed light on their genuine personality.” – Unknown

“Observe if someone uses deflection or redirects conversations, it could indicate they’re hiding something.” – Unknown

“Notice if someone consistently interrupts or talks over others, it shows a lack of respect.” – Unknown

“Watch for signs of discomfort or unease when discussing certain topics, it could indicate hidden insecurities.” – Unknown

“Take note of someone’s listening skills, it speaks to their level of empathy and understanding.” – Unknown

“Do they seek attention or validation? It may indicate a deeper need for approval.” – Unknown

“Observe how someone handles criticism, it’s a window into their level of self-awareness.” – Unknown

“Pay attention to someone’s eye contact, it can reveal their level of trust and honesty.” – Unknown

“Notice if someone consistently talks about themselves, it may indicate a self-centered nature.” – Unknown

“Watch for subtle changes in someone’s tone or body language, as it may indicate discomfort or deception.” – Unknown

“Pay attention to a person’s laughter, it can reveal levels of authenticity and genuineness.” – Unknown

“Observe how someone reacts to others’ successes, it speaks to their level of jealousy or happiness for others.” – Unknown

“Trust your gut feeling, it often picks up on subtle cues that can’t be explained.” – Unknown