“I already miss you more than words can describe.”

“The days without you feel so empty.”

“My heart aches for your presence.”

“I find myself constantly longing for your touch.”

“Life feels incomplete without you by my side.”

“Every moment without you is a moment wasted.”

“You’re the missing piece that completes me.”

“I wish I could rewind time and be with you again.”

“Thoughts of you consume my mind, even when you’re gone.”

“Distance means nothing when someone means everything.”

“I miss your smile, your laughter, your everything.”

“Just the thought of you not being here saddens me.”

“I yearn to be in your arms once more.”

“Take me back to those moments when we were together.” HINDU GOD QUOTES IN ENGLISH

“You’ve left a void in my heart that cannot be filled.”

“I never knew loneliness until you were gone.”

“The days feel so much longer without you.”

“If only I could hold you in my arms right now.”

“Being apart from you feels like torture.”

“I’m counting down the days until we’re reunited.”

“Nothing compares to the warmth of your presence.”

“Your absence has made me realize just how much I need you.”

“You’re constantly on my mind, even when you’re not here.”

“I would give anything to have you here right now.”

“The distance between us only strengthens my love for you.”

“My heart aches for your return.”

“I miss you so much it hurts.”