“I am what I am, I cannot pretend to be something I’m not.”

“I prioritize my happiness above everything else.”

“Selfishness is the key to self-preservation.”

“I believe in looking out for my own interests first.”

“I am not afraid to put myself first in every situation.”

“I refuse to sacrifice my own needs for others.”

“Taking care of myself is my number one priority.”

“I won’t apologize for putting myself before others.”

“Being selfish is the only way to truly find inner peace.”

“I am not ashamed to admit that I am a selfish person.”

“I have learned that being self-centered is a form of self-love.”

“I am selfish because it allows me to focus on my own growth.”

“I don’t feel guilty for pursuing my own desires.”

“I embrace my selfish nature as a part of who I am.” QUOTES ABOUT HAVING SOMEONE

“I firmly believe that self-care should always come first.”

“I am unapologetically selfish because it empowers me.”

“I value my own needs and wants above anyone else’s.”

“Being selfish is my way of taking control of my own life.”

“I am selfish because I refuse to settle for less than what I deserve.”

“I prioritize my own happiness and fulfillment above everything else.”

“I will not sacrifice my dreams for the sake of others.”

“I am selfish because I have learned that no one else will put me first.”

“I embrace my selfishness as a form of self-preservation.”

“I believe that being selfish is a necessary form of self-care.”

“I have learned that being selfish allows me to live a life on my terms.”

“I choose to be selfish because it allows me to live authentically.”

“I am selfish because I refuse to compromise my own happiness.”