“I feel used, like a disposable item, only valued when it’s convenient for others.”

“Being taken for granted is painful, it’s like my worth only exists when it suits someone else.”

“I never thought I could be so easily discarded, it makes me question my own value.”

“I feel like a pawn in someone else’s game, used for their personal gain.”

“Being used feels like my purpose is solely to fulfill someone else’s needs, with no regard for my own.”

“I’m tired of feeling like an option, only used when there’s no one else around.”

“I deserve better than being treated like a convenience, someone to be discarded when no longer needed.”

“Feeling used is a harsh reminder that my worth is only recognized when it benefits someone else.”

“Being used makes me question whether I’ll ever be truly valued for who I am.”

“I’m tired of being used and tossed aside, like my feelings and importance are irrelevant.”

“Feeling used is a constant reminder of how little my needs and emotions matter to others.”

“It hurts to know that I’m seen as nothing more than a tool, to be discarded once it’s no longer useful.”

“I’ve learned the hard way that people will use you until you can’t be of any use to them anymore.”

“Being used is a painful realization that my worth is based solely on what I can offer, not who I am as a person.”

“It breaks my heart to realize that I’m just a means to an end for people who can’t see my true value.”

“Feeling used is like constantly being in the shadow of someone else’s needs, always coming second.” WINDOWS QUOTES AND SAYINGS

“I deserve to be seen and appreciated for who I am, not just as a means to an end.”

“Being used is a constant reminder that my worth is not determined by others, but by how I value myself.”

“I won’t let being used define me, I am worth so much more than how others treat me.”

“Feeling used is like being caught in a cycle of disappointment, where my worth is never acknowledged.”

“I refuse to be someone’s doormat, used and walked all over, while my own needs are forgotten.”

“Being used is a painful lesson in setting boundaries and valuing my own self-worth.”

“I may have been used, but I won’t let that define my worth or affect my confidence.”

“Feeling used is a reminder to be more selective with the people I allow into my life.”

“I deserve to be around those who cherish and value me for who I am, not what they can take from me.”

“Being used is a sign that I need to prioritize my own happiness and well-being above others’ needs.”

“Feeling used is a wake-up call to put myself first, because no one else will.”

“I refuse to allow myself to be a doormat, used and discarded at someone else’s convenience.”

“Being used is a temporary setback, but it won’t define my worth or dictate my future.”

“Feeling used is a painful reminder that not everyone will appreciate or value my worth, and that’s okay because I know my own value.”