“Debt is a silent thief that robs us of our peace of mind.” – Unknown

“Promises may feed the soul, but money pays the bills.” – Unknown

“When you owe someone money, you give away your freedom.” – Unknown

“Debt is the worst form of financial captivity.” – Unknown

“Owing someone money is like carrying a heavy burden on your shoulders.” – Unknown

“The longer you delay paying your debts, the heavier they become.” – Unknown

“Paying off debt is not a favor you do for others, it’s a responsibility you owe to yourself.” – Unknown

“Borrowed money is a fragile bond that can easily break if not honored.” – Unknown

“Debt is a master that demands obedience and robs us of our choices.” – Unknown

“A debt unpaid is a trust betrayed.” – Unknown

“Never make a promise with money if you know you can’t keep it.” – Unknown GIVING BOOKS QUOTES

“Debts never sleep, they keep nagging us until we clear them.” – Unknown

“The best way to avoid debt is to live within your means.” – Unknown

“Debt is like a heavy chain that binds our financial progress.” – Unknown

“Relying on borrowed money is living on borrowed time.” – Unknown

“When you owe someone money, you lose the freedom to make financial decisions for yourself.” – Unknown

“Honor your debts so that no one can ever question your integrity.” – Unknown

“Debt is the barometer of our financial irresponsibility.” – Unknown

“Money borrowed is a debt owed, and debts should not be taken lightly.” – Unknown

“Owing someone money is a reminder that financial carelessness has consequences.” – Unknown

“There is no better feeling than being debt-free and regaining your financial freedom.” – Unknown