“Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” – Quran 13:11

“When you face difficulties in life, seek solace in prayer and trust in Allah’s plan for you.”

“Every difficulty you face is an opportunity for growth and a test of your faith.”

“Do not let the opinions of others determine your worth. Allah’s opinion of you is what truly matters.”

“Patience is the key to success. Trust in Allah’s timing.”

“Remember Allah in your moments of happiness and He will bless you with everlasting joy.”

“Strive to be a better person every day, for Allah loves those who constantly seek self-improvement.”

“Do not worry about the things you cannot control. Instead, focus on how you can make a positive impact in this world.”

“Believe in the power of dua (supplication). Make your desires known to Allah and trust in His ability to answer your prayers.”

“Forgiveness is a virtue that brings peace of mind and tranquility to the heart. Forgive others and Allah will forgive you.”

“Be kind to others, for kindness is a reflection of a pure heart.”

“Success is not measured by wealth or material possessions, but by the goodness of your character and the impact you have on others.” BIG EARS FUNNY QUOTES

“Be grateful for the blessings you have in life, for ingratitude only leads to misery.”

“Take time to appreciate the beauty of nature and the miracles of Allah’s creation.”

“Love and respect your parents, for they are a blessing from Allah.”

“Trust in Allah’s plan, even when it seems like everything is falling apart. He is the best of planners.”

“Do not hold grudges against others, for it only weighs down your heart. Let go and find peace within.”

“Knowledge is a treasure that can never be stolen. Seek knowledge and wisdom throughout your life.”

“The best among you are those who are best in character and conduct.”

“Do not judge others based on their outward appearance. The true measure of a person lies in their actions and intentions.”

“Remember that this world is temporary. Focus on building your eternal life in the hereafter.”

“Be patient during times of adversity, for every difficulty will be followed by ease.”

“Stay humble in moments of success, for everything you have is a gift from Allah.”