“Every artist was first an amateur.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.” – Salvador Dali

“Drawing is the artist’s most direct and spontaneous expression, a species of writing: it reveals, better than does painting, his true personality.” – Edgar Degas

“Drawing is the basis of art. A bad artist can never draw enough. A good artist can never draw too much.” – Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

“What I like about drawing is that it is an immediate way of expressing an idea. You don’t have to wait for things to develop like in painting.” – Louise Bourgeois

“Drawing is the artist making many decisions in a fraction of a second.” – Paul Gabor

“Drawing is the ability to see and translate it onto paper visually.” – Roger Hayward

“Drawing is not what one sees, but what one can make others see.” – Edgar Degas

“Drawing is the honesty of the art, there is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.” – Salvador Dali

“Drawing takes time. A line has to breathe, vibrate, pulse. And when it does, it comes alive.” – Victoria Adams

“Drawing is the love of looking.” – William Zinsser

“Drawing is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence.” – Henri Matisse

“Drawing is the language of the mind.” – John Berger

“Drawing is not just about the lines you create; it’s about the mark you leave behind.” – Stacy Yardley

“Drawing is vision on paper.” – Andrew Loomis

“Drawing is the artist’s brain in motion.” – Unknown I HATE FRIENDS QUOTES

“Drawing is the foundation of everything.” – Michael Sollis

“Drawing is the key that unlocks creativity.” – John C. Maxwell

“Drawing is the bridge between observation and imagination.” – Unknown

“Drawing is the art of seeing what the eye is already aware of.” – Andrew Hamilton

“Drawing is the artist’s way of capturing thoughts with subconscious precision.” – Unknown

“Drawing is the hand dancing to the tune of imagination.” – Unknown

“Drawing is the ultimate form of self-expression.” – Unknown

“Drawing is to art what breathing is to life.” – Unknown

“Drawing is the silence between creativity and reality.” – Unknown

“Drawing is the language of the soul.” – Pablo Picasso

“Drawing allows us to express what words cannot.” – Unknown

“Drawing is where passion meets skill.” – Unknown

“Drawing is a celebration of the mind’s ability to create something out of nothing.” – Unknown

“Drawing is the journey of discovering one’s own unique artistic voice.” – Unknown