“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

“It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” – Hans Selye

“Don’t stress over the things you can’t control.” – Unknown

“Stress is not what happens to us, it’s our response to what happens. And response is something we can choose.” – Maureen Killoran

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” – William James

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.” – Mark Black

“The more you allow yourself to be stressed, the more stress you attract.” – Frank Coan

“The only way to permanently reduce your stress levels is to stop reacting to the external pressure in the same way.” – Steve Pavlina

“Stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there’.” – Eckhart Tolle

“Stress is not the enemy. It is our perception of stress that becomes the enemy.” – Unknown

“The truth is that stress doesn’t come from your boss, your kids, your spouse, traffic jams, health challenges or other circumstances. It comes from your thoughts about these circumstances.” – Andrew Bernstein

“Remember that stress doesn’t come from what’s going on in your life. It comes from your thoughts about what’s going on in your life.” – Andrew Bernstein

“When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.” – Lolly Daskal

“Don’t worry about the things you have no control over because you can’t control them anyway. Instead, focus on the things you can control.” – Unknown

“Stress is not the indicator of your true strength; your ability to overcome it is.” – Unknown LOVE WILL PREVAIL QUOTES

“Stress is temporary, but the inner strength and growth you gain from overcoming it are permanent.” – Unknown

“Don’t stress over something that you can’t change or control. Just let it be and focus on the things within your power.” – Unknown

“Stress is like a spice – in the right proportion, it enhances the flavor of a dish; too much of it ruins the taste.” – Unknown

“Stress is a sign that you are stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone. Embrace it as a challenge and use it to grow stronger.” – Unknown

“Stress is not the enemy. It teaches you how to handle it and grow stronger.” – Unknown

“Stress is an opportunity for growth. Embrace it, learn from it, and let it make you stronger.” – Unknown

“When life gets stressful, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Sometimes we get caught up in the small things and forget what truly matters.” – Unknown

“Stress is like a dark cloud; it may hover over you temporarily, but eventually, it will pass.” – Unknown

“Don’t let stress steal your joy. Focus on the positive things in life and watch your stress melt away.” – Unknown

“Stress is a choice. Choose to let it go and focus on what truly matters.” – Unknown

“Stress is a sign that you are living life to the fullest. Embrace it and learn from it.” – Unknown

“In the midst of chaos, find stillness. In the midst of stress, find peace.” – Unknown

“Remember, stress may be a part of life, but it doesn’t have to define your life. Choose happiness over stress.” – Unknown