“You are the king of my heart, ruling over every beat it takes.”

“In your eyes, I found the kingdom where my heart belongs.”

“You have conquered my heart and now reign as its eternal king.”

“You possess the key to my heart, my love, and you rule it with grace.”

“With you as the king of my heart, I am forever your loyal queen.”

“You built a castle in my heart, and now you rule it as the rightful king.”

“Your love reigns over my heart, a kingdom that will never crumble.”

“You wear the crown of my heart, ruling over its every desire.”

“In the realm of my heart, you are the undisputed king.”

“My heart’s loyalty belongs to you, my king, forever and always.”

“I surrender my heart to you, for you are the true king of its kingdom.”

“Your love has the power to conquer my heart, making you the sovereign king.”

“You are the ruler of my heart, and I gladly submit to your reign.”

“With you as the king of my heart, every day is a blissful coronation.”

“Your love has enthroned my heart, and you shall forever reign as its king.”

“You have stolen my heart and become the one and only king of it.” QUOTES ABOUT I WANT TO SPEND MY LIFE WITH YOU

“My heart’s allegiance lies with you, my love, now and forever, my king.”

“With you as the king, my heart knows only joy, happiness, and love.”

“You have captured my heart’s throne, ruling over it with love and tenderness.”

“You reign supreme in the kingdom of my heart, my beloved king.”

“Your love wears the crown that adorns my heart, making you its eternal king.”

“With you by my side, I feel like the queen of your heart, and you are its true king.”

“In your presence, my heart acknowledges you as its one and only king.”

“You possess the power to rule over my heart, and I willingly submit to you as its king.”

“You are the king who rules my heart, and your love is the scepter that guides it.”

“In the kingdom of my heart, you hold the crown, my love, for you are its rightful king.”

“With you as the king of my heart, I am forever protected, cherished, and loved.”

“You have captured not only my heart but also my soul, making you the one true king.”

“Your love is the sword that defends and conquers my heart, my noble king.”

“I crown you as the king of my heart, for your love has given it purpose and meaning.”