Sure, here are 28 funny quotes about llamas:

“Llamas don’t spit, they’re just misunderstood squirt guns.”

“Chill like a llama.”

“Llamas don’t need to be drama, they just want their mama.”

“Llama drama? Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

“Llamas are like the unicorns of the farmyard.”

“I’m not a llama, but I sure know how to spit some jokes!”

“If life gives you lemons, trade them for llamas.”

“Llamas have a 9-to-5 attitude, they’re not about that overtime grind.”

“Llamas are life’s fluffy rebels.”

“Llamas have mastered the art of awkwardly staring into your soul.”

“Llamas are nature’s version of a photobomb.”

“Llamas have perfected the art of escaping sticky situations, they’re like furry Houdinis.”

“Llamas are so fancy, they wear scarves all year round.”

“Llamas aren’t just cute, they’re high in vitamin ‘llama-zingness.'”

“Llamas are the Michael Jordans of the animal kingdom. They just do it llama style.” FAMOUS QUOTES THAT INSPIRE YOU

“Llamas are proof that even animals can have fabulous hairdos.”

“Llamas are the perfect partners for a game of ‘Guess Who?’ because their faces are always like ‘What??'”

“Llamas may not be able to count, but they sure can make you laugh.”

“Llamas have zero drama tolerance, they’re the zen masters of the barnyard.”

“Llamas are just fluffy speed bumps on the road of life.”

“Llamas are like the cool kids of the animal kingdom, always strutting their stuff.”

“If I were a llama, I would totally rock a llama-mullet!”

“Llamas are like the comedians of the farmyard, always ready for a good laugh.”

“Llamas have the world’s best resting llama face.”

“Llamas may not understand human language, but they sure get sarcasm!”

“Llamas are my spirit animals, because they never take themselves too seriously.”

“Llamas have mastered the art of side-eye. They’re always one step ahead of the haters.”

“Llamas are the secret ingredient to a happier life. Just add llama and voila!”

Hope you enjoy these llama funny quotes!