“A mother’s love is forever lost, leaving a void that cannot be filled.”

“In my heart, I hold the memories of a mother’s love, always and forever.”

“Gone, but never forgotten. A mother’s love continues to guide and protect.”

“Though she may not be here physically, her spirit will forever live on.”

“Words cannot express the depths of sorrow, for the loss of a mother is immeasurable.”

“In her absence, I find solace knowing that her love will forever be with me.”

“A mother’s love is eternal, not even death can break the bond.”

“The loss of a mother leaves a void that only love and memories can fill.”

“A kind soul, a gentle heart, forever missed, but never apart.”

“A mother’s love is a gift, even in her absence, it continues to uplift.”

“A mother’s love is like a flame, even extinguished, it leaves a lasting warmth.” WHEN YOUR HAPPY QUOTES

“Her presence may be gone, but her love remains, an everlasting song.”

“No longer by my side, but forever in my heart.”

“Her love was a shelter, her embrace a safe haven, I miss her dearly.”

“The pain of losing a mother is indescribable, but the love she left behind is immeasurable.”

“Through her love, she taught us to be strong, even in her absence, her strength carries on.”

“Her love was a guiding light, and even in darkness, it shines so bright.”

“The loss of a mother is like a broken heart, but her love pieces it back together.”

“In her arms, I found comfort, in her absence, her love sustains me.”

“She may be gone, but her love is woven into every fiber of my being.”