“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they’re yours forever.” – Unknown

“Sometimes it takes a breakup to realize our true worth and find the love we truly deserve.” – Unknown

“I never stopped loving you, I just had to let you go.” – Unknown

“Love may have brought us together, but it’s okay if it couldn’t keep us forever.” – Unknown

“Heartbreak doesn’t make you weak, it makes you stronger and prepared for the love that is meant to come.” – Unknown

“Letting you go was the hardest decision, but sometimes love means sacrificing our own happiness for the sake of another.” – Unknown

“They say time heals all wounds, but it will always be lacking without the love we once shared.” – Unknown

“Sometimes two people are meant to be apart so that they can find their true selves and their true love.” – Unknown

“True love isn’t about possessing someone, it’s about wanting their happiness even if it means being without them.” – Unknown

“Even though our love story didn’t have a happy ending, I’ll forever cherish the beautiful moments we had.” – Unknown

“You may have moved on, but there will always be a special place for you in my heart.” – Unknown

“It’s okay to miss someone who was a big part of your life, but it’s important to move forward and find happiness again.” – Unknown

“Sometimes the person we love the most is the one we are meant to let go in order to find our own happiness.” – Unknown BAD FATHER QUOTES FROM DAUGHTER IN HINDI

“No matter where life takes us, know that I will always wish the best for you and hope you find true love.” – Unknown

“Love doesn’t always mean being together, sometimes it means wishing the other person nothing but happiness even if it’s not with you.” – Unknown

“I have no regrets about our past, for it led me to where I am today and taught me valuable lessons about love.” – Unknown

“The beauty of love lies in its ability to give us memories that will forever warm our hearts, even if the person we loved is no longer in our life.” – Unknown

“Our love may have faded away, but the memories we created together will forever be etched in my heart.” – Unknown

“Sometimes two people need to be apart to realize how much they truly mean to each other.” – Unknown

“Love has the power to heal, but it also has the power to let go when it’s necessary for personal growth.” – Unknown

“There may be a lot of fish in the sea, but there was something special about you that I will always cherish.” – Unknown

“I’m thankful for the love we shared, even if it wasn’t meant to last forever.” – Unknown

“Love is not meant to be a possession, it’s meant to be a shared experience that brings joy and growth to both individuals.” – Unknown

“Letting you go was a difficult choice, but it was necessary for both of us to find our own path to happiness.” – Unknown

“Even though our relationship ended, I’ll always be grateful for the love and memories we shared.” – Unknown