“Being pregnant means every day is another day closer to meeting our little miracle.”

“I love you even more now that you’re carrying our child.”

“You are the most beautiful and radiant pregnant woman I have ever seen.”

“I can’t wait to watch you become a mother and hold our baby in your arms.”

“You are creating a life inside you, and that is the most incredible and powerful thing.”

“Seeing you pregnant makes me fall in love with you all over again.”

“Our love has grown with each passing day, and now it’s growing within you.”

“You are glowing with the love and joy of pregnancy.”

“Carrying our child has made you even more beautiful, if that’s even possible.”

“You are going to be the best mother ever, and I’m so lucky to have you.”

“Even though you have a baby bump, you are still the most attractive person to me.”

“Pregnancy is just another way our love story is unfolding.”

“The love I have for you during this pregnancy is beyond words.”

“You are creating life from love, and that is the ultimate act of love.” SAD QUOTES IN URDU TEXT

“Having a baby with you is a dream come true.”

“The joy and excitement I feel about our baby cannot be put into words.”

“I am so grateful for the love we share and the love we are creating together.”

“Seeing you experience the miracle of pregnancy fills my heart with overwhelming love.”

“Our baby is so lucky to have you as their mother.”

“Being pregnant with you has made me fall even more deeply in love with you.”

“You are the most beautiful sight I have ever seen, especially with that baby bump.”

“Every day I am in awe of the love growing inside of you.”

“The love between us is now multiplied because of our pregnancy.”

“Pregnancy has made me realize how much more I love and cherish you.”

“You have brought so much joy and anticipation into our lives through your pregnancy.”

“Having a baby together is a reflection of our love and commitment to each other.”