“Love is patient, love is kind. Lust is impatient and driven by physical desires.”

“In lust, we seek to possess. In love, we seek to understand.”

“Lust fades, but love endures.”

“Love is about giving, lust is about taking.”

“Lust is temporary satisfaction, love is a lifelong commitment.”

“Real love involves the heart, while lust only involves the body.”

“Lust is based on physical attraction, love is based on a deep emotional connection.”

“Love cares more about the happiness of others, while lust only cares about personal pleasure.”

“Lust craves the physical, love craves emotional connection.”

“Lust focuses on what someone can offer you, love focuses on what you can offer someone else.”

“Love forgives, lust forgets.”

“Lust is selfish, love is selfless.”

“Lust is an instant gratification, love is a slow burn.”

“Lust is driven by desire, love is driven by compassion.”

“Lust is shallow, love is deep.”

“Lust seeks pleasure, love seeks to make others happy.” ARROGANT HUSBAND QUOTES

“Lust is fueled by physical attraction, love is fueled by emotional connection.”

“Lust is temporary excitement, love is lasting contentment.”

“Lust values looks, love values character.”

“Lust is a momentary high, love is a lifelong journey.”

“Lust is about what you can get, love is about what you can give.”

“Lust is driven by impulse, love is driven by intention.”

“Lust wants to possess, love wants to understand.”

“Lust is focused on the physical act, love is focused on deep emotional intimacy.”

“Lust is an expression of desire, love is an expression of devotion.”

“Lust is fueled by superficial beauty, love is fueled by inner beauty.”

“Lust is all-consuming, love is all-encompassing.”

“Lust is driven by hormones, love is driven by the heart.”

“Lust seeks pleasure, love seeks companionship.”

“Lust is short-lived thrill, love is a lifelong adventure.”